Donnie Wahlberg is getting a divorce

There is a divorce on the Block

Remember when you were little and your favorite song was "Step By Step" by New Kids on the Block?? Well maybe it wasn't your favorite but it sure was mine.  In elementary school we use to have this dance club and everyone would break out the ghetto blasters in the school basement and make up our own dances. 

I was a geek and never allowed to join in the fun.. I could only watch from the sidelines even though I was a dancer but they still wouldn't let me in.

Well now it's been 18 years and they are back with their new single "Summertime" off their new album "The Block" and everything should be fine and dandy but it isn't for Donnie.  He and his wife Kim Fey, 39 have filed for divorce on Aug. 13th citing irreconcilable differences and have been seperated since January.  They have been married since 1999 and have two kids, Xavier, 15 and Elijah, 7.

It's always so sad for the children too.  Especially since Kim is now wanting sole physical and legal custody of the children.  She also wants spousal support.

Hope the bitter custody battle doesn't get as heated as the KFED and BRITNEY divorce cause that was bad news.

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