Mel C is pregnant

Sporty Spice is going to be a mommy

I swear I thought that Melanie Chisholm, 34 aka "Sporty Spice" was gay but I guess not.  Unless it's just a cover up.. but that would be a huge cover up. :)

She is pregant with her first little baby!

Mel and her boyfriend, Thomas Starr have been together for 6 years and they are very thrilled about the news.

All the other Spice Girls have children so she is the last one to be a mom.  The other Spice Girls say that they are only a phone call away if she needs help with any parenting advice.

Aww.. I am so excited for her. 

Congratualtions you too..


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  1. Its funny because thats the best picture you could find of her. I congradulate her but ugg.. nvm