Jade Goody has cancer

Jade Goody has Ovarian Cancer

If your like me, and you have no idea who Jade Goody is your not alone.  I did some detective work and apparently she was on Big Brother in 2002 and was known for being a racist when she appeared on the Celebrity Big Brother in 2007 where she bullied Shilpa Shetty a famous Indian actress.  

She has also been ranked 25 by Heat for being the most influential person in the world.  I am not sure I agree with that since I just found out who she was a couple of days ago.

She has also had a couple of perfumes out and they are called "Shhh.." and "Controversial" and she has said on numerous occations that she didn't even know how to spell Controversial. “I can’t spell this. I would have no idea. I don’t know. It’s ‘con’ C-O-N and then I’m lost. Is that even right? I wouldn’t have known.” 

On the Indian Big Brother "Big Boss" she was recently told that she had ovarian cancer on the show while the cameras were running but that will not be broadcasted in India.  She has been tested for cancer many times since 2004 and again in 2006 but everything was ok.  She had been collapsing a lot and then got tested again in Aug 2008 and was then tested positive for ovarian cancer.

Good luck to her and we all hope that everything turns out to be ok.

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