Amy Winehouse at the V Festival

Amy getting better?

Amy Winehouse still looks cracky but at least her voice is coming back a little. It is not even close to what it use to be but I do still believe in her.

She plays with her dress way too much in these performances at the V Festival because she is still on drugs obviously but at least she kind of knows what is going on. Doesn't she remember that if you hike up your dress to high or pull your pants down too low that this may happen again?

I definatly know that she does need a makeover though. I like the beehive and all because that does make her original but the rattyness of it is not attractive and she needs to get a good makeup artist and another person to dress her. If she wore stuff from the 50's that was classy she could change her whole image and she would be back on top again.

I have a feeling that her next album will be good too but we will see won't we.

Check out her performances at the V Festival this weekend.

Warning.. If you are not an Amy Winehouse fan to begin with you will probably think she is horrible. But if you are a fan and you have seen where she has come from then you would think that this performance is a miracle..

The videos have a bit of sound issues.. Sorry!


  1. hmmmm.. Hammy for Amy. More importantly though, why wasn't "The Lion King" on the diney cartoon pole? No Lion king? No Aladdin? Not even the lying bastard Pinocchio. I voted for Snow white just because she was hot when I was 6. I wanted to vote for the Lion King.

  2. Damn.. I meant to say "I'm Happy for Amy..." ug that looks dumb.

  3. I didn't put up the Lion King because I have never seen it before. That is my boyfriends favorite though. I guess I should see it eh?

  4. You havnt seen it?? Whats wrong with you. Lion king was easily the best animated disney movie. Hard to judge now though cause your comparing your favorite old memories of your fav to your new perception. Its still good but its never as good as when your young.