LeRoi Moore died unexpectedly

 Dave Matthew's Band member dies

LeRoi Moore 46, died unexpectedly on Tuesday afternoon in the Presbyterian Medical Center in LA. 

He was in a terrible ATV accident on June 30th on his farm in Charlottesville, Virginia and suffered broken ribs and a punctured lung. 

I know someone that was in an ATV accident a couple of years ago and it fell on his face. 

He lost an eye and broke every bone in his face.  He was lucky to come out alive though and had his whole face reconstructed but he will never look the same.

LeRoi Moore was the saxophonist for Dave Matthews Band.  LeRoi along with the drummer, Carter Beauford started to form the band in 1991. 

That is so sad that he died so very young.

My thoughts go out to the band, his family and his friends.

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