Finger Licking Good

Murderer Gets To Eat KFC

Apparently, Tremayne Durham, 33, of New York City, thinks that "Life tastes better with KFC" cause he just pleaded guilty in exchange for KFC while he will be in prison for 30 years after killing Adam Calbreath, 39, of Gresham with a gun.

He killed him because Durham wanted to sell ice cream and ordered an $18,000 truck from an Oregon company. Then Tremayne changed his mind about selling the ice cream out of a vehicle and decided that he wanted his money back. 

When the company refused to give him his money back he went to Oregon and killed one of it's employees while he was trying to find the owner of the company.

What in the hell?????


  1. Is that a picture of the KFC that he actually ate? If so how did you get it?

  2. No.. hehehe.. That would be awesome though:)