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Looooong Weekend

Today was a great day at work.  I had a ton of stuff to do and I pretty much stayed busy the whole day. 

My boyfriend came and met me for lunch, which was just so awesome!

Not much is new except for two of my really close friends from work left today to go back to school. 

It was so sad. 

We had a goodbye lunch for them yesterday where we all went for an hour while we were on our breaks. 

They also had fruit cake for them today which was so goooood.

It is the long weekend (Labor Day on Monday) starting in about 25 minutes (when I will be off) and I don't have anything particularly exciting planned.  I am however going over to my best friend's house (the one that just got married) with my boyfriend, Rob and we are going to watch some movies or something and have a few drinks.

Any of you have any plans for the weekend?  And if so tell me about them..

Hope you all have fun!!! Be safe!!!

Leslie Star

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