Greyhound murder

An Innocent Man Decapitated On Greyhound

A horrible crime has been comitted.  A 22-year-old man named Tim McLean was taking a greyhound bus from Edmonton to Winnipeg, Alberta and was going home from working at a fair.  He put on his head phones and then went to sleep.  When he was sleeping he got stabbed 40 to 50 times and then got decapitated by man named Vince Weiguang Li who is 40 years old. 

He used a hunting knife on him and after he sliced his head off he walked up and down the isle with it in his hands like it was no big deal.  He then gutted him in front of everyone.  The other passangers on the bus said that the killer looked so calm when he was stabbing him over and over like he was a robot.

He then tried to go to the front of the bus and start it up and drive away but the bus driver went to the back of the bus and somehow disabled the bus so he couldn't go anywhere. 

He tried to escape afterwards through a broken window but got caught and now is been charged with second degree murder and will appearing in the Provincial Court of Manitoba on Friday.

What is this world coming to?

Now I never want to take a greyhound ever again.

Update: On Tuesday Vince Weiguang Li was in court and when the judge asked if he would like an attorney he replied "Please kill me."  Vince was also found with a plastic bag with the victims ears, nose and part of his mouth in his pocket.  The only response that Vince gave the police when they arrested him off the bus was "I have to stay on the bus forever..

How creepy..

Vince Wiguang Li was immigrated to Canada in 2004 from China and is undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

It has also been reported that Li was hacking off the body parts of Tim and then eating them. 

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