New Band.. "Be Arthurs"

Be Arthurs rock my ukulele world

Are you looking for something completely different? Well this band might be what you are looking for. They are called "Be Arthurs" and they take songs and remake them into ukulele songs.

They are totally original which makes them way better because they aren't something that you hear everyday.

They remake songs like "Rock your body", "Toxic", and "Sweet child of mine."

They all have good voices and they are kick ass dancers when they play their instruments. ..

I especially like it when they sing "Toxic" cause I love Britney and I think their version is so funny.

They are kind of like Bare Naked Ladies cause they are funny.. Well besides the cocaine possession. :)

I hope that you enjoy them. Their web page is

Good job guys.. My friend told me about this band and they have been wanting Justin Timberlake to watch it so they will make it big.

Hopefully this will help you!


  1. If you want to watch talented Ukulele playing... start following this guy: Jake Shimabukuro... The song he plays here is one of my favourites and it's called 'While my guitar gently weeps' and it's an awesome remake of an old classic.

  2. ... and if you're really feeling hardcore for some Ukulele lovin', listen to this:

    His hands are insane.