Jessica Simpson is single once again.

She will never be Mrs. Romo

Ok Jessica, it's time to get serious now because your starting to look like a fool. Tony Romo dumped your ass.. get it together.. Start practicing your singing first so you can actually put out a good CD besides your first one released, "Sweet Kisses" from way back in 1999.

Who really cares about Tony Romo anyways? He's not really that good looking and you are wayyyy more famous then he is.. So take advantage of it and say he has a little one and totally wreck his rep.. You are a sweet girl Jessica Simpson.. but get your shit together and find yourself first before jumping into another relationship. Learn how to cook, how to sing like you use to, and how to be yourself besides those dumb moments.. AND RELEASE A GOOD SONG DAMN IT!!!!!!!! Now you have lots of time to work on that.

Get over your broken heart girl, cause there are many more guys out there that would love to be yours... Start dressing sluttier, but not to look like a transvestite, and the boys will be lined up for your lovin'.

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