Scarlett Johansson kinda sucks

I know you can do better than this..

I patiently waited for this song to come out by Miss Scarlett Johansson, but unfortunately it is a big flop. I like her and found her outstanding in "Lost in Translation" but her singing voice is really weird. I knew that her CD was probably going to be a bit eclectic and relaxing, but this song is defiantly not calming to me. It's called "Falling Down" and the suck is just yuck! Even the music video kinda blows.

It's nice to see a day in Scarlett's life and all, but its a music video not a movie.. Wake us up a bit.. David Bowie does the background vocals and it just sounds like a bad karaoke song.

I am sure that she is better than this song and I hope that she proves it in her upcoming CD, Anywhere I lay my head.

1 comment:

  1. What a joke, you would really expect a lot more from her than this emo/folk karaoke circa 1992 'poor me, poor me' ugh.