Good 'ol woman beater, Dennis Rodman

Did he think he could get away with this?

This "man" should seriously think about jumping off a cliff to save human kind. Dennis Rodman was arrested on Wednesday at the Century City Hotel for beating his girlfriend, Gigi. He says it's because he has been stressed out from his recent divorce and he hasn't been able to see his kids. I feel sorry for his two kids that they have to call him Dad.

He's been drinking excessively for about 2 months now, according to Prince, and that's the reason he grabbed his current girlfriend by the arm after an altercation and left a bruise on it.

Yeah right.. He probably beat the shit out of her... I don't think he just would have been arrested for grabbing her arm. Poor girl... That is the reason Carmen Electra left him when he was arrested for assaulting her in Miami on November 5th 1999. Then he was charged with a DUI in December of 1999 and given 3 years probation after he pled guilty.

He was released early this morning at 4:16 am for 50,000 dollars. He should have been shot not released.


Dennis Rodman's Old Mugshot from 1999.

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Update:  Dennis Rodman checked into a Rehab facility on May 5th 2008.  Hopefully the retard gets better so he doesn't really hurt someone or himself.

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