New couple alert!!!

Jesse McCartney is getting some:)

Jesse McCartney was seen recently making out with the singer from Danity Kane, Aubrey O'Day.  She is 24 and he is just 21.  Cradle robber.  He just recently grew out of his zit phase.  He is a cutie though and she is drop dead gorgeous.  Rumour has it she's a skank though.. but if that is true, let him have fun while it lasts, right?  Yesterday they were seen going out to a restaurant and before then they were seen sucking faces at Z100s Zootopia event.  I think they make kind of a cute couple but she might be way too out there for him.  I guess time will tell...  Isn't she Jenna Jameson's friend?  Maybe Aubrey can teach him a few things in the sack.

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