Christina Ricci was awkward.. Now a hottie!!!

Who would have known?

Christina Ricci use to be so.. weird.. now she is the hottest little thing. She got in really good shape for the movie "Black Snake Moan" where she played a sexually abused woman that despised herself so much she no longer cared about covering herself up or being beaten to a bloody pulp. She lost a ton of weight for the movie. It is quite a huge difference from her lesbian character in "Monster."

Christina was born on February 12, 1980 in Santa Monica California. She struggled with maturing as a young woman and began cutting herself not long after her parents divorced in 1993. She has not spoken to her father since then.

She has had popular roles in "Casper", "Now and Then" and "Sleepy Hollow." She has certainly blossomed into a fashionista and she is such a beautiful, outspoken and unique woman.

The beautiful Christina Ricci

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  1. I thought she did a good job as Wednesday in the The Addams Family movies =)