Britney Spears gets to see her kids

Since Oct 1st Britney hasn't had custody

Britney Spears gets to see her kids again for longer vistation time.  The judge in LA grated her more time yesterday after Britney was praised for trying to get her life back together. 

Thankfully Britney isn't such a mess anymore and she is starting to look "clean" again and pretty but it was fun watching her crumble while it lasted. 

Her boys really need her now that she's not so psychotic anymore.  Every child needs their mother and I am happy that she gets to see her kids too so that she can move on with her life and start making sweet music again.  Being Bipolar is a very serious disease and I am glad that she now has it under control and she's able to be a role model now for her cute little boys. 


For awhile there KFed was the stable one.. and that's damn right scary!!


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  1. Wow go britney star!, i mean spears! God i love this site.

  2. I was in line at the grocery store today and saw that they are doing "bump watch" with Britney. Please tell me that she isn't pregnant again!!