Elisha Cuthbert

My boyfriend's crush

On the beautiful morning of November 30th 1982 in Calgary, Alberta, Miss Elisha Cuthbert was born.  My boyfriend loves her, and Jessica Biel.  He even makes me watch "Popular Mechanics for kids" sometimes, which is this little kids show from wayyy back when that she was in when she was like 12 years old.  She has grown up to be a little hottie.  I haven't seen her in anything lately but she played a reoccurring role in the TV series 24 and she was the star of "The Girl Next Door".  I do think she's pretty but it makes me wonder when she is friends with Paris Hilton.  Grossssssss!!!  But she still gets a space on Leslie Star's Hottie of the Day. 


Image taken from http://www.chinadaily.com

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