Amy and Pete are at it again

Miss Amy Crackhouse and her "friend" Pete Dopeface are at it again with their drug videos. Why can't they see that they are so f&cked up because the whole world sees it. In these videos they play with these strange little baby animals and they are on some sort of drug trip. Who knows what drugs they are on this time..

Amy is just wearing a little bra, half on and some booty shorts and probably those stupid ugly ballet flats again. I would say "Doesn't she have enough money to buy some new shoes?" but I guess she spends it all on crack. Such a shame because she has such an amazing voice and a great personality too. Pete on the other hand.. He's a waste of space and he's not helping the Amy drug situation. But I guess he's in the same place as her.. famous with all the money in the world but lost just like her.

How does she still manage to do up her beehive since she can hardly speak? She use to be such a pretty girl. So sad. Please get help Amy... All your fans want you to get clean so you can make sweet soulful music again.

Does Amy think that the whole world is stupid when she invites her friends over for a "party" and then does drugs all night? Do they honestly believe that everyone thinks they are just having good wholesome fun? I call bullshit..



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