Dead Body Bong

What is this world coming to?

Some damn redneck teens in Texas on March 15th, decided to go and dig up and dead body from Humble cemetery, chop it's head off and then smoke some weed out of it like a bong. 

What the hell?  What is wrong with people these days?  How would they even have thought about that.  There's no way they could have been THAT stoned. 

Now Kevin Wade Jones, Matthew Richard Gonzalez and some juvenile whose name hasn't been released yet, has been charged with abuse of a corpse.  All of them were arrested on April 30th 2008 and another suspect is wanted for questioning.

They were first brought in because the police were investigating a car being broke into.  When the police started to question Jones he started telling police that him and his friends took a shovel and dug up a grave.  It turned out to be a 12-year-old kid that died in 1921.  They then used a garden tool to decapitate the head and two boys took it home to smoke out of.  

This same thing happened not too long ago where an 18 year old, Nickolas Buckalew from Vermont, dug up a man's body and took his head, glasses and bow tie.  He then took the parts home and was going to dry the head out, bleach it and put a bong in it.  Nickolas got 1-7 years for pleading guilty to two counts of felony charges.  

What about the family of these poor victims...???

How horrible..

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