Facebook Privacy

Crackbook ain't so private

If you have facebook, which you probably do because 100,000 people join it everyday, be careful what drunk pictures you post.  You might think that all the pictures you put up in your photo gallery only your friends can see, but you are wrong.  If you don't put privacy settings up, facebook can take YOUR pictures and put them wherever they want to.   Still with privacy settings, adding applications like "what kind of drink are you?", "Am I hot or not" could still take private information from you and distribute it wherever. 

If you wouldn't want your boss to see your pictures DO NOT POST THEM because most people that are on facebook are over 25 which probably means that your boss or your grandma could be looking at your shit faced, half naked pictures. 

After you have changed your privacy settings, look up your name on Google and then click on images and see if any of the pictures are of you dancing on the tables at some run down bar.


Image taken from http://blogs.law.harvard.edu

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