Ryan Gosling.. Hottie for Tuesday

God Bless his Mother for making him

This beautiful boy was born November, 12th 1980 which makes him 28 and that is just the right age for us to get married.. I love him to bits.  Especially when he played in "The Notebook" and he was so romantic and downright scrumptious.    He is an incredible actor and seems like he has a heart of gold. 

He is Canadian, which means that when we get married I won't have to move very far :P  He has been in over 25 movies and has won several awards and was nominated for and Oscar for his role in "Half Nelson". 

Congrats to you Ryan, because now you have won a LESLIE STAR award!

Image taken from www.z.about.com

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  1. I totally agree!! God bless Hollywood for giving him movie roles (esp Notebook) so we can watch him over and over and over again! Love him!!