What I did today

A week of laziness so far

I haven't written in my diary lately because nothing really exciting happened to me. I went to a party on Saturday which was really fun but not so fun come Sunday morning when I felt like puking from too many coolers. On Sunday it was Mother's Day and I went with my family to my sister's house and then to my boyfriend's family dinner where we had Greek food.. Yummy.. I had the prawn souvlaki, but the prawns were wayyyyyy too salty which ruined it all for me.

On Monday I went to work and then came home and slept from 6pm till the morning when I had to go to work again. Wow.. I had planned to go for a walk with my Grandpa and my Dad and watch "Without A Paddle" again but I was too tired as usual. Today was my puppy's 2nd birthday. She got to have lots of spare ribs for her birthday and her fair share of treats. She went to bed with her tummy full, that's for sure. Other than that.. not much is new this week. I've just been taking it easy.

My boyfriend will be here soon so I better sign off now. Hope that your weekend was as good as mine and take care.

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