Belated birthdays.. If you spoil them they're ok with it

My friend had a birthday 10 days ago.. and since I have been so poor with managing my money I spent all my money first and got her a present 10 days later. She loved her belated gifts and she understands me shopping because she has a bit of a shopping habit herself :) We had a nice afternoon after work was finished. We love going to dollar stores so we did that.. I also bought a new pair of comfort shoes for work and after that we went to a restaurant.

My chicken wasn't cooked in my club salad and either was my chicken wings... I was so grossed out. I hope I don't have raging food poisoning in the morning cause I will still go to work and that totally sucks. The manager took it off my bill but we gave a good tip because it wasn't the waiters fault... I came home and watched a bit of boxing. I walked home by the way.. My feet are killing me from walking all day but I have to look pretty in my bridesmaid dresses.. so it's time to say goodbye to those Purdy's chocolate dipped bars and McDonald's fries.. :( RIP good food..

Hope everyone has a great day at work tomorrow.. and if you have the day off enjoy it while you can.

Leslie Star

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