I saw "Sex and the city", and it was sensational

What a fantastic night

What can I say besides.. "Yes, Yes, Yes." "Sex and the city" was fabulous. It had it's hilarious parts where I laughed out loud, and I am the type of person that doesn't laugh out loud.

The movie theatre was packed and my friend and I got there 15 minutes before the previews started and the only seats that were left were the ones with the purses on them, that means reserved apparetly. When the movie came on I kept looking around for those reserved people to come back in time for the movie, and way in the back ( a perfect spot) were these 3 magical seats, screaming... "Leslie, Leslie" so we grabbed them. I even had a chair to put my purse which had my puppy in it.. hehehe.

Everyone in the theater was a woman except for three men. All the audience clapped, laughed and cried together.

There were some suprising twists in the movie and the fashion fix was amazing. Clothes galore! I have to say that everyone did a fantastic job. When I heard that Jennifer Hudson was going to be Carrie's assistant, I wasn't looking forward to that. I thought she was going to be corny but she did a great job as well and I even cried a few times with what she said..

Holy.. waterworks.. I honestly kept tearing up and I was trying to hide it.

We had gone for martini's and cosmos before we went to the movie. My boyfriend picked us up and dropped us off and made me feel like a princess. What a magical night.. The best movie I have seen in a very long time.

It was everything I wanted it to be. And now it's over... so sad..

Wish I had the whole night to do over... Oh and the soundtrack was awesome.

Hope you had a great night too,

Leslie Star

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