Terrible Earthquake in China

What a horrible tragedy

A 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit western China on Friday in the early afternoon. It has killed just over 12,000 people so far and 7,800 people are missing, 26,000 are injured, and 9,400 people are trapped throughout China praying for themselves to be found. In Juyuan, it knocked over a school burying 900 people inside with over 50 dead and still teenagers screaming for help inside the destruction. Soldiers even had to go on the rescue mission on foot because the roads were so torn up no one could use them. People are being medically treated in huts and under tarps because there is no more room in the hospitals for them to go. Others are sleeping outside because they are too afraid to take shelter indoors with the thoughts of another quake hitting again.

30,000 helpers were sent out to help with the rescue mission. Thousands are homeless and most of the injuries of the survivors are broken bones and bruises. The USA contributed $500,000 to help with the relief efforts and they said that they are prepared to give more. People are running out of food, medical supplies, blankets and daily items that could really help but these things can't get there fast enough because bridges have collapsed. Survivors are lining up donating blood to help those who are more injured then themselves. Bridges, streets and buildings are ruined so they have to bring everything by foot.

If you can donate anything to help these poor people.. please donate to the Red Cross Society of China website: www.redcross.org.cn. Thank you so much for donating whatever you can.

Images taken fromhttp://english.people.com.cn and http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk

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