Lou Pearlman's Mug shot


I guess N'Sync, O'Town and The Backstreet Boys were not wanting any part of Lou Pearlman.  He just got 25 years in federal prison for using a fictitious accounting firm and phony financial statements to secure bank loans.  Lying bastard.  I'm glad he got 25 years to rot and think about how he ripped 300 million dollars off of people.

The judge told him that for every 1 million dollars that he puts back in the pockets of those people that he stole from, he would get one less year prison.  Mr. Pearlman has a 300-month sentence and if he comes up with 300 million dollars he can avoid jail time completely. It sure sounds like a pretty good deal to me :)  In the court room all Lou could say is "I'm truly sorry, your honor, to all the people who have been hurt by my actions." He swindled people out of millions and some lost their homes and everything they owned and all he could say was that?? He doesn't seem to be remorseful at all..

Did he honestly think he could get away with it all?


Image taken from www.kuam.com

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