Angie and Brad's babies have arrived!!

More girls

Angelina Jolie gave birth to twin girls in France today.  Their names are Isla Marcheline and Amelie Jane.  They named Isla after Angie's mom and Amelia after Brad's mom.  How cute!  Congrats to them, but I am so disappointed that it wasn't a boy.  Now the couple has 6 children.  Yikes.. Thankfully they have millions so that their children are spoiled for the rest of their lives.

Get Angelina preggers again Brad as soon as you can so your fineness will live on in your son.

Angelina Jolie pregnant

 Update:  There are speculations that Angelina has not given birth now.. It was all a lie.  Entertainment tonight first reported that the twin girls had arrived but now MSNBC is saying that they haven't.  The French Tabloids are reporting that she had a caesarean with the help of her doctor from Los Angeles. 

I guess we will soon find out what the real truth is.... Stay tuned..

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