Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV... A hit or a miss???

I played Grand Theft Auto IV for about 7 hours straight yesterday and 3 hours today. I really like it. The story line is good and you can do a lot with the character. You can buy guns, clothes, and even hookers in the game. The graphics are outstanding. I like that when it's raining the players get wet and you can swim, steal boats, bikes and there is a good variety of cars too. When you crash in the game you actually wreck the cars, not like other games where its not realistic and you can drive forever no matter how crashed up you or your car gets.

If you run out in front of a car you will get your ass owned. I threw myself accidentally out of a moving car several times at first before I knew all the right buttons to press.

There are a lot of different places you can go in "Liberty City". There are strip joints, burger places and you even have your own apartment where you go and rest, watch TV or even change your clothes. You can save your game there too. You can listen to different radio stations in the cars that you steal too and the music has actual songs that are out now like Kanye West or Ne-Yo.

The killing is realistic and there are a lot of different weapons to play around with just like in the other Grand Theft Auto games. The missions are great too once you know your way around and you have learned the right buttons to press because some missions you have to move fast.

The controlling is a little difficult for someone that doesn't play games that often because you have to control your own camera angle while you are trying to fight people or just walking around, but the game is worth the money.

The bad things that I have found are when you are loading a saved game, sometimes it freezes on you but just sign off the internet and it should be fine after that. Also, each time you restart the game you have to watch this stupid introduction with the themed music in the back ground every time and you cant press any buttons to get around it.

Overall, Grand Theft Auto IV kicks some serious ass!!!

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  1. The "stupid introduction" is actually just loading time as the city is so big that it needs that time to get it all ready. It sure beats previous games where every time you crossed a bridge or went on a new island you had to stop and wait for that part of the city to load. Overall a great review and I liked how unbiased it was.