Sex and the City.. Not so sexy

I cant wait to see it, even if it sucks

I heard that the Sex and the City movie was horrible.  But I don't care.  I'm seeing it tomorrow with a friend from work.  We plan to go for cocktails before hand and get dressed up all pretty, with fake Luis and D&G.  I hope there is happy hour somewhere.. :P  I have watched many episodes of the series but not until they announced that their show was cancelled. 

I had just gotten into watching the hilarious show when, BANG!!! It's over. 

I love the shoes, the clothes, hairstyles and everything else.  I know that I have heard its going to be horrible, but if I can still get a fix for my shopping addiction then it will all be worth it.  Those 4 women are so lucky that they get to wear those beautiful clothes. 

I will write a review about it tomorrow and I hope it won't be as bad as they make it seem.


Leslie Star

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