Identify Yourself

Stephanie Kay the next big thing!!!

I would like to present to all of you, Stephanie Kay. She was 16 years old when she did this song and now she's 21. I am putting her song on my site in the hopes that all of you will fall in love with the song just like I did when I first heard it.

It's called "Identify Yourself" and it's about a girl that wants real love like all girls want. Hope you love it..



  1. This song is truly amazing.. Wow i love it, she has such a beautiful voice!

  2. Beautiful song !

    Does she have anymore songs?

  3. Wow.. I really like this song.. This girl could really be a star. Way to go Stephanie!!

  4. No.. She doesn't have another song. I sure do love this song though. She worked so hard on it and shes still singing now. She's my neice actually and she's so great..
    Love her

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