Mutt is a cheating bastard

Marie Ann Thiebaud is a tramp

Well we all thought that they just grew apart but apparently Mutt Lange has been cheating on Shania Twain with their secretary/manager, Marie Ann ThiĆ©baud.  Mutt and Marie left their significant other for each other.. SICK!!! Of course he is denying the whole thing.. I was suprised that Shania fell in love this his ugly mugg anyways.. but to think that another woman was attracted to him as well .. makes me seriously ill.  EW!!! Marie Ann isn't a looker either.  She is an old hag.  They deserve each other. 

How could he cheat on Shania.. She is such a beautiful woman and it seems that she has her sh*t together.  I feel so sorry for their son Eja.  He must be having such a hard time with it all. 

Hopefully her and Eja will be alright without that bastard. 


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