It's finally sunny

Good Morning to you all,

It is a beautiful morning today.  Lots of sun and it's so hot outside already and its only 9:30.  Yesterday I walked home from work again.  I am noticing a difference in the way my pants are fitting.  I don't want to walk home today because it's going to be so hot but I have to.  I have all these clothes that are a size 8 and I want desperately to fit into those again.  I WILL FIT IN TO THOSE AGAIN!!!  Not that there is anything wrong with being a size 12 but I just don't feel as confident as I use to feel.  I have been going to this salad place everyday.  They have the freshest produce to make your own salad and it might be 7$ for a salad but you can put anything you want in it and I am actually full when it's done. 

No plans for today really... Just going to my boyfriend's house and maybe playing a little GTA 4 again.  I love that game so much and I haven't played it for 2 weeks now.  Hope everyone is having a good Friday and I will update a bit later.. :)

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