Mariah Carey is engaged finally!!!!

Mariah Carey is finally taken

I guess Nick Cannon has a lot of diva patience to put up with Mariah Carey's demands. Nick is 27 and she is 38. Guess where this marriage is going to be posted next on my site..?? Another one bites the dust section thats where.. How could they think that is marriage could last? She is old enough to be his aunt and I think she has way too much of a woman for him to stand it for long.

This will be her 2nd marriage and his first. He did propose to Victoria Secret model Selita Ebanks after 3 weeks of being together and they lasted for 5 months. I don't think the name Mariah Cannon has a ring to it but then again she wouldn't have to change her initials. Maybe they can do a great duet together and make a #1 hit but I'm afraid that's all the success they'll have.

But good luck to her because she's getting old and the more days that go by the more facial hair she gets.

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