Heidi and Spencers new website

So I saw on www.perezhilton.com this morning that Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag had their own website. I went there and I wasn't too impressed. I thought it would be prettier and have more info about them to look at. I voted on weather or not I think they should get married and it didn't even work. It said PAGE NOT FOUND..

I like the idea of them having a website about the stars and gossip because they must know some good juicy gossip since they are acquaintances with the stars but nothing thrilled when I went to the page.

I clicked on the paparazzi button to see shots of Heidi with her fake boobies and her fake lips sticking out her chest so much it looks as if she might fall over. I don't like how they are so cheesy. But maybe that is their "thing" to make it so they stand out. I just clicked on the shop button and went to Heidiwood.. hahahaha.. and you could pick out clothing from her new line and see what goes best with everything. I thought that was a good idea. You can also see her wearing it all and you can buy everything you see. It really bothered me that there was only xs,s,m,l.

What about people that are average size XL? I guess they are shit out of luck.

Who knows.. Not a fan of the site though besides laughing at Heidi's poses. Go there and have a chuckle like me. www.speidiweb.com

Image taken from www.americansuperstarmag.com

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