Boy drowns in his bed

You Just Never Know

A little boy named Johnny Jackson, just 10 years old died in his bed alone in South Carolina on Sunday. He went swimming in his neighborhood pool and then went home. When he got home his mother noticed that he wasn't acting right. He started to slur his speech, wasn't breathing properly and he was extremely tired. These are all the signs of what is called "Dry" drowning. His mother just told him to go and take a nap and an hour later Johnny passes away.

Not much water is needed to cause drowning in your lungs. Just as little as 1 ounce of water could kill a child. Water blocks the flap that helps you breathe and if that is blocked you will die.

The saddest thing is, if his mother knew the symptoms of it, it could have saved his life if she would have taken him to the hospital. She must feel so terrible.

I never knew there was such a thing as "dry" drowning either.

So sad!!

Jonny Jackson

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