Tim Mcgraw's fight with fan

Tim Mcgraw's fight with Marcus Nirschl

Marcus Nirschl who is a huge fan of Tim Mcgraw, paid $120.00 for a 3rd row seat at Tim's concert in Auburn, Washington.  Marcus says that he was making his way up to his seat when he was pushed by many fans to move out of their way because they all wanted to see Tim sing "Indian Outlaw" too. 

Marcus says that he was getting shoved up against empty seats and he just bent down to pick up his cowboy hat and he lost his balance and the next thing he knew... Tim Mcgraw was grabbing him by his belt and yanking him up on the stage while calling security over the microphone.

He recalls that he then saw Tim's fist back ready to punch his lights out and Marcus says he is still confused about it.  He says that he wasn't drunk but he had a couple of beers and also says that if he was drunk he wouldn't remember anything, "But I remember it all."

He says he wants to go back to Tim's upcoming concerts because he really loves his music and he still doesnt understand it all. 

I think that Tim must have saw Marcus pulling a woman's hair or pushing someone because I don't think that Tim would just pull him up on stage and get security to swarm him if nothing was wrong.

Who knows.. I wasn't there, but it could all be just a misunderstanding.. And if it is, Tim should give him free tickets for him and his whole family for life :)


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