Linda Hogan's new boyfriend

Linda Hogan is a craddle robber

What is Linda Hogan doing with a 19 year old that looks like a younger and hotter version of Hulk Hogan?  His name is Charlie Hill and he looks as if he has had his fair share of partying days.  Shouldn't she wait until her divorce is finalized before she jumps into bed with a boy that is younger that her daughter? 

Poor Brooke, she has the very worst of it all.  Her brother is in jail while her Mom humps her friend from highschool and he Dad humps her other best friend that looks like her. 


Whatever happend to trying to make up with each other or staying together for the kids??  It looks as if they are trying to one up each other and date people that look like their kids.  The whole thing is so messed up.  I guess it shows that no matter how much money people have they still have problems that money can't fix. 

Also.. What the hell is Nick Hogan complaining about in jail?  I mean he's walking and breathing on his own and that is more than his friend John Graziano is doing in the hospital.  He has been in critical care since August 26th of last year and Nick and his family have the guts to complain that his jail cell is too small and he has no one to talk to.

Poor Nick..


Linda Hogan and Charlie Hill

Jennifer McDaniels

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