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What I did yesterday

Yesterday my Grandpa, boyfriend and I went on a train because it is something my grandpa has never done before so I thought we would take a train ride.  Unfortunately the air conditioning was broken and it was so hot and you couldn't open the windows so we were all burning up for 32 minutes (that's how long the train takes).   My friend picked us up on the other end and drove us home, which was so nice of her. 

After getting home we were all exhausted after the train ride and me working all day so we just relaxed in front of the TV.  It was Monday night so my favorite show was on... Intervention.  I just love it and my boyfriend doesn't but he didnt mind that I had to watch 3 episodes = 3 hours.. hehehe..

Then I saw that "I Know Who Killed Me" with Lindsay Lohan was on and I have heard how bad it was but I had to watch it to see for myself.  So we started watched it and shortly after my boyfriend fell asleep. 

When he woke up he said, "I can't believe you are still watching this crap.  I know who killed me, you did when you made me watch this movie."  I thought that was funny because you know, I never thought a movie could be that bad.  I heard it was bad but never in a million years did I know it was going to be that terrible.  I don't really think it was Lindsay's fault either because the script was so bad and I think she did what she could to make it a bit better.  But let me tell you... Save yourself whatever you do and Don't Watch It!!!!!!! 

Unless your like me and you just want to see how bad it really is..

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