Jason Lewis.. A sexy Mofo

Hottie of the weekend!!

So as you may know.. I went to watch "Sex and the city" this weekend, and I fell in love with Jason Lewis (Samantha's boyfriend, Smith Jerrod). 

He is almost as hot as David Beckham but he doesn't have the fruity voice like David so he gets bonus points for that.  His body is so tight and ahhhh.. he just takes me breath away.  My boyfriend watched the marathon of the series this weekend and I kept going.. "Oh my god.. he is so hot.."

He was born on June 25th 1971 in Newport Beach, California.  He has been on several TV shows like, "Beverly Hills 90210" and "Charmed."  If you have never seen "Sex and the City" you should watch it just to see him.  It is worth every single second..

He shacked up with Rosario Dawson and then Jennifer Aniston. 

He scored 5th place in the reader's poll, sexiest men in Hollywood.



 Image taken from www.allposters.com

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