Lil Waynes New song

Lil Waynes New Song "3Peat"

Lil Wayne was born named Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. on Sept. 27 1982 in New Orleans Louisiana.  He dropped out of school when he was 14 and became a father to a precious little girl named Reginae Carter with his highschool girlfriend, Antonia "Toya" Johnson.  They later divorced.  He was also in the video for Destiny's Child "Soldier".

He has been arrested for smoking marijuana, carrying guns, possesion of cocaine and ecstasy.  Lil Wayne has been in lots of trouble and he's the ripe young age of 25.

His new song is called "3 Peat" and its kinda filthy but I think it would be great to listen to if you were wasted at a club or cruzing around in your car in the summer or something.  I wish there was more of a chorus though but the still sticks in my head.  It doesn't have an official video yet but hope you like it anyway.

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