Chicken Cruelty

I love Pamela Anderson cause she cares so much about animals.  Here she is in a video I found on youtube.com and I dont ever want to eat chicken again in my life.  KFC should be ashamed of themselves.

I can honestly say that I will never eat at KFC again. 

How horrible!!!


  1. Absolutely disgusting.. I probably won't become a vegetarian just yet tho, but i will avoid anything but organic chicken. No animal should suffer like these poor birds.

  2. I am definatly not going to ever eat at KFC again. When I saw the video I got so upset. Poor little chickens.:(

  3. This is absolutely ridiculous... I am honestly appalled. Unfortunately the average non-veg consumer purposely blocks the early preparation stages of animal products from their minds so that they can enjoy their meat without their conscious getting in the way. Next time someone passes me a juicy drumstick at a party I will remember this video for a moment, but still savor the taste.