Fire in Universal Studios

25,000 people visit Universal Studios in one day

In Los Angeles, California this morning at 4:45 a fire was reported at Universal Studios. As many as 50,000 rolls of film like "I Love Lucy" and many other shows were damaged this morning when it went up in flames. Most of them were replicas and the new ones were stored at another location.

The damages include, the clock from "Back to the future" and the court yard used in "Spider-Man 2" and "Bruce Almighty." Many building fronts that are used in filming were damaged as well. More than 2 city blocks were on fire and there is still smoke burning. There were helicopters and about 300 firefighters trying to put out the fire.

It's so sad that all those tapes are ruined and especially the clock from "Back to the future" because I love that scene in the movie.

They are investigating why the fire happened. Someone probably did it on purpose. Such a shame.

Apparently the back lot tram will open on Monday. That is pretty sad for people that are just visiting LA and planned on going to the park for a day of fun and now they will just get a lot of smoke. People were lined up outside the gates this morning wanting to all get in.

This is the second fire in 20 years and the first fire caused 25 million dollars worth of damaged and that one was set in 1990 by a security guard who got 4 years in prison for arson.

Universal Studios fire

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