Step aside Monica Lewinsky

Who's telling the truth?

Gina Gershon has supposedly been seeing Bill Clinton when he goes to California on business trips says Vanity Fair.  National editor of the magazine Todd Purdum who is also married to former Bill Clinton press secretary, wrote an article stating that president Bill Clinton is always "seeing a lot of women on the road" and he also heard through recent Hollywood gossip that "Clinton has been seen visiting with the actress Gina Gershon in California." 

He has also come forth saying that Clinton has also been with Belinda Stronach.  Belinda is has been divorced twice and she is a billionaire and she is a member of parliament for Newmarket-Aurora.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2007th and had a Mastectomy and paid for it all herself.
Hilary must be so pissed about the whole thing.  It must be so embarassing for her and it couldn't really come at a worse time for her during the election and everything. 

Gina is saying that she has only been in the same room as the president three times and other people were with her. 

Both Bill Clinton and Gina have both denied the rumours and they are fuming.  Clinton even called the writer and "scumbag" which isn't really appropriate for a former president to say. 

Wouldn't that be something though if they had stained dresses too?

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