The Saturdays

The Saturdays - If this is love

Have you ever heard of S Club Juniors?  Well this new band "The Saturdays" are relatively new and they are from the UK and Frankie Sandford and Rochelle Wiseman are from Sclub.  Also in the group are Mollie King, Una Healy and Vanessa White and they are all really pretty.  Their song "If this is love" is super cheezmo but the video has good clothes and lots of funky colors to grab your attention.  It is as cheesy as S Club use to be and they sort of sound like them too.  I think maybe this band will be a one hit wonder but you never know... they might turn really slutty and we might have another "Danity Kane" on our hands and then everyone wants to see how trampy they can get. 

Remember.. sex sells!!

Their record label is the same one that "Girls Aloud" are on and their new upcoming CD is called "Set me off."  Tell me what you think about it...

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