Child rapist's death a no go

Patrick Kennedy escapes death row

Patrick Kennedy has been in Louisiana's death row since 2003 for raping his 8-year old stepdaughter on March 2, 1998.  He raped her in her own bed and caused internal injuries and bleeding to the poor little girl.  She had to get many surgeries after to correct what he did wrong to her. 

Patrick is the only one on death row for rape besides Richard L. Davies who along with his girl friend Melissa Ticer sexually abused a child from October 2004 till January 2005.  

Today (June 25) the Supreme Court ruled that child rapists couldn't be executed because the punishment would be too harsh.  I don't really understand this.. If you cause that much harm and pain to someone I think you should be executed. 

What good does he do in this society if he could hurt a harmless 8 years old that was his own step-daughter?  Imagine what he would do if he didn't even know the child.

Patrick Kennedy would have been the first convicted rapist executed in 44 years.  But now he still gets to live.  Which in my opinion is a shame.

Patrick Kennedy

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