Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest

Katrina Chalifoux of Rockford, Illinois won the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest this year.  She won a whopping $1,000 bucks for it.  It took her 2 weeks to complete and it is just beautiful. With many woman in my life getting married I really do appreciate how long this must have taken her and it is so detailed. 

I think she should have won more than 1,000 but who am I to say.  

She used 7 rolls of toilet paper to make the train and the dress.  The six wedding dresses that competed were displayed at Ripley's Believe It or Not! in New York City.

I wonder if shes actually going to wear that dress on her wedding.  What if it rains that day.. Oh boy.. That would not be good.:)

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Wedding Dress

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Toilet Paper Wedding

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  1. Now if only it were a new tradition that woman had to make their own dress when they get married. I'm sure the average man would give 7 rolls of his favorite 3-ply to his woman for her to make "the dress of her dreams." Hell.. I'd give a full 8-pack!

    (p.s. my fianc├ęs parents paid for her dress so I'm just speaking hypothetically)