What is a Zip Car?

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Have you ever been without a car and you just need it for a couple of hours or the whole day?? Www.zipcar.com is the perfect thing for you then. If you have a clean driving record and live in North America or London you are eligible to drive a Zip.

Insurance is covered and if you don't think you will be driving a lot you would get the 55$ annual fee or if you think you will be using it more you pay 50$ a month.

In June of 2000 the first Zip Car was put on the roads. I have heard people at work talking about it and actually selling their cars and then getting a Zipcar membership. When you sign up for a zip car you get a access key and swipe it on the car. The keys will be inside and you can get gas at any station and pay for it using the gas card. The only thing is you have to return the car where you found it in the time that you have reserved it, just like you would a rental.

What a great idea! If you are going to school and can't really afford a car or you live downtown and you only need a car when you are going a far distance then this is the perfect plan for you.

I wish I would have thought of all this.. I would be super rich.. Damn my luck!!:)

Zip Car

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