Britney Spears dead at 27

Britney Spears fears she will die at 27

Ok.. I love Britney and all but what the hellis going on with her??  According to Ian Halperin, the guy that spent 18 months following the pop star posing as a paparazzi to get some good secret information about her, said that Spears told him personally that she fears that her life will end just like Kurt Cobain's and Janice Joplin's did at 27. 

Britney's birthday is not till December 2nd so I guess she has a while to wait before she knows for sure. 

This all could have been when she was being drugged by Sam Lufti.  Who knows what he put in her cheetos :)  Ian Halperin is a journalist and plans to write the book and have it on the shelves by Christmas. 

Hopefully she's not dead by then.  That would be so sad :(

Britney Spears crying

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