It's Canada Day tomorrow

It's Canada Day tomorrow and I have nothing to do

Well its good ol' Canada Day tomorrow and most of us don't have to work tomorrow so there is another whole day out of the week where we can regain our sanity.  But what if you have nothing to do?  Well.. why don't you go to the beach cause it's so damn hot out? 

Or you could call your friends and put together a last minute party.  You can make ice-cold girlie drinks and sit around and do each others nails in the sun.  Or how about a picnic out with your significant other??  That's always fun, unless it's raining where you are and in that case you could always have an indoor picnic.  Those are a lot of fun too and you don't have to deal with the ants crawling up your legs.

There might be fireworks or block parties around your area tomorrow that are advertised around town or look it up on the Internet.  You could just stay at home and watch TV or do some gardening.  Or how about working on your tan??  But don't forget to put some sun block on every 30 minutes so you don't turn into a lobster or get some sort of skin disease.  It is so important that if you do enjoy the sun, all you have to do is put some sunscreen on and a hat and you'll be fine and protected.  How about having a BBQ with your family or getting some errands done that you didn't have a chance to do on the weekend cause you were so lazy. 

If you like shopping spend the whole day in the mall cause everyone else will be on the beach so it probably won't be as packed.  Take your pet out for a walk cause I'm sure they would appreciate that.  If you don't have a pet how about going to the nearest animal shelter and volunteering for the day.   You might want to call first to see if they need any help.

I hope I gave you some helpful suggestions on what to do if you are off on Canada and you have no plans..

I am going to my friends birthday party on the beach.. Damn.. I guess that means its time to pull out the ol' swimsuit..

Damn it!!!  Swim suit season comes too fast..

Love Leslie Star

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  1. I feel very educated regarding the purpose of sunblock =P

    You know I'm just joshin ya... don't ban me... please..

  2. You better watch out or I just may... hehehe