Amy Winehouse is dying?

Amy Winehouse fainted due to drug use

Amy Winehouse better get her shit together fast.  The 24 year old talented singer is killing herself due to her drug use.  She has been warned that she must quit her drug abuse or she will most likely die..

Well duh!!  Of course.. She's so skinny and all her teeth are falling out.  That is certainly not a good sign. 

Amy was hospitalized on Monday after collapsing and she had a whole bunch of tests done on why she's not doing so hot.  Her doctors are saying that Amy's fainting could have been caused by her well known drug overdose last summer.  You would think with all her money that she would be able to afford to go to treatment and get better but I guess the drugs are part of her life now and its going to be damn hard to get rid of them..

I am begging you Amy.. Go on Intervention.  They can help you.

Amy Winehouse drugged up

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