Ruben Studdard got married

Ruben marries Surata

Ruben Studdard got married to Surata Zuri McCants on Saturday (June 28).  The couple actually met when Ruben was signing autographs at a Walmart and he followed Surata into the toy isle and asked for her digits.. Aww.. that is so super cute.  I wish that would have happened to me when I met N'Sync at HMV when they were signing autographs.. :)

People were talking about this marriage since June 23rd when Ruben obtained a marriage license that only lasted for 30 days in Shelby County, Alabama. 

The wedding was short and sweet being only 30 minutes and had approximately 300 guests.  Ruben had 20 groomsman and he wore a white vest and a white bow tie. Surata wore a white and ivory long wedding gown.  

When the wedding was over they drove away in an ivory Cadillac Escalade to their reception at the Rosewood Hall at SoHo Square in Homewood.

Congrats to Ruben and Surata!  How cute!!

Ruben Studdard

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